Logitrac CBT

Logitrac CBT, developed by RTC, is the premier computer-based training software for the railroad industry. With over 20 years of industry experience, we are committed to leading training and compliance processes by making it safer and simpler for your company. We understand what impacts the bottom line of your company and it drives and inspires us toward constant innovation and development of breakthrough products and solutions for the industry we lead.

RTC has a solid reputation as rail industry safety experts, and Logitrac allows us to extend our knowledge and expertise to the rest of the industry in an easy to understand and implement form. This unique system comprehensively and effectively tracks the training of your employees in accordance with standard regulatory guidelines.

Logitrac CBT has emerged as an industry-leading vehicle to successfully centrally manage your company policy and procedure manuals, in order to train supervisors, employees, and contractors on the critical and time-sensitive information needed to standardize, maximize and monitor job performance.

Get on trac. Stay on trac.

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