Track Access

TrackAccess is virtual track permission software similar to Track Warrant or DTC block operation. TrackAccess can make any track ‘control track’ and thus provides for operational safety by only allowing one entity to occupy the track. TrackAccess is one of the safest systems available for track control of its kind. Risk assessment based on fault tree analysis indicates that TrackAccess can provide a substantial safety improvement over conventional manual dark territory control methods.  TrackAccess has great capacity for the elimination of human error. TrackAccess is safe because it is simple and direct.

Features of TrackAccess:

Provides access to complete operational information to all employees and authorized contractors
Provides 24-7 conflict checking for:

• Hours of service violations and compliance
• Exclusive track authority
• Documented review of all track specific bulletin and message information
• Designed to comply with Part 236 Subpart H, the toughest standards for processor based systems
• Uses standard communication and application software
• Greatly reduce training and qualification time for users – up to 80%

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